Case Study:
NZ Police

We worked alongside Avondale Police Station staff to move and replace their furniture. We then uplifted the existing direct stick broadloom carpet and supplied new commercial carpet tiles through the three levels of the building.

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What we did:

We worked alongside Avondale Police Station staff to move and replace existing furniture, as required.

We uplifted and disposed of existing commercial carpet throughout Ground Floor, Level 1 and Level 2 of Avondale Police Station, excluding MJ Crime, Crime Inv., MJ Crime Typist, MJ Crime Clerk and O/C Crime Controller's office, previously laid.

We prepared their substrate - grinding, using floor levelling compound to rectify uneven surfaces and removing all residual debris to ensure substrate is clean, sound, level, smooth & dry.

We supplied and installed new Ontera Milliken, Karona 3, Lightning colour "Alto", commercial carpet tiles throughout office area in accordance with AS/NZS 2455.2:2007 New Zealand Flooring Standards.

We supplied and installed carpet tile transition bars between carpet tiles and existing substrate as required.

Size of Job
Additional Services
Uplift & Disposal
Substrate Preparation
Installation of New Carpet Tiles
Remove & Replace Furniture


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