Case Study:
World Vision

World Vision recently had some of their carpet tiles damaged due to a flood in an upstairs bathroom. We were asked to replace the existing carpet and sheet vinyl throughout the building.

Wc ap works stream 06 gal

What we did:

We uplifted and disposed of existing direct stick carpet throughout upstairs and downstairs office area.

We prepared their substrate - grinding, using floor levelling compound to rectify uneven surfaces and removing all residual debris to ensure substrate is clean, sound, level, smooth & dry.

We supplied and installed new Interface, Work Stream, colour "Graphite", commercial carpet tiles throughout same area in accordance with AS/NZS 2455.2:2007 New Zealand Flooring Standards.

We supplied and install carpet tile transition bars between tiles and vinyl areas.

We supplied and installed new black diamond rubber insert on each stair nosing throughout each stair case.

Size of Job:
Additional Services:
Uplift & Disposal
Substrate Preparation
Installation of New Carpet Tiles
Installation of New Sheet Vinyl


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